Hanover Academy provides A Tailored Education to each student and is the core of the Academy’s academic program. We believe that in order to help each student reach their own personal best and be successful, we need to understand the student’s individual needs and strive to meet them. Our small class sizes, which allow for more individual attention for each student, is one of the many ways we succeed in meeting their needs.
Our comprehensive curriculum is structured to expose our students to a wide spectrum of core academic subjects as well as Fine Arts, Foreign Language, and Physical Education. We involve our students in a variety of field trips and community service activities to further enrich their educational experience.
The Academy’s overall educational program is developed from the school’s stated philosophy and is organized to address the educational developmental needs of our students. The teachers encourage students to explore, experiment, create, question and think for themselves. Each student is taught to master the fundamentals of language arts and mathematics, to acquire knowledge and appreciation of science, social studies, fine arts, and a foreign language.
Hanover Academy has a published curriculum guide, which includes a description of each academic program offered by the school. In addition to the course content, this guide also contains specific objectives, texts, materials, and evaluative criteria for each academic course.
The faculty provides individualized instruction to each student. Each student works on his/her grade level. When further instruction is needed, each child is given an opportunity to be tutored individually during a special time know as coaching. This time has been designated for tutoring every Friday during the last hour of the school day.