Student Profile

Think dimples. Who comes to your mind? Now think volunteerism. Who comes to your mind? Yes, the one and only Sheyenne Wilson!
Fourth grader Sheyenne Wilson has attended Hanover Academy for six years, and this dimpled young lady personifies the word volunteer. The first thing in the morning and the last thing in an afternoon, she can be found helping with preschoolers who enjoy her vivacious personality. Whether she is visiting with them, playing games with them, or helping them with classwork, she does so joyfully.
Sheyenne exudes school spirit and is a member of the cheering squad. Not only does she represent her school well in this capacity, but again she volunteers her help with the younger members of the squad.
Even when she is off campus, she willingly volunteers. Mrs. Thomas recalls the time when she saw Sheyenne at the mall and inquired if she would like to help with a school event there. Even though Sheyenne was still in her pajamas, this did not stop her from helping in the school’s booth.
As a member of the school Safety Patrol, Sheyenne helps to ensure the security of her fellow students. In addition, she willingly serves as a substitute for those who may be absent or otherwise unable to serve in this capacity.
Congratulations, Sheyenne, on achieving SPECIAL Honor Roll for the entire first semester, and congratulations on being this month’s STUDENT OF THE MONTH!